Why do it?

Completion of 2003 UK circumnavigation

In 2003 Tony sailed around most of the UK, visiting France on the way, but there wasn't enough time to circumnavigate Scotland, and give the beautiful west coast islands the time they deserve for exploration. This year we aim to go the more challenging route round Cape Wrath.

Sponsor a school

Several churches in Newcastle upon Tyne have been supporting a new school built in Sidg, a village near the northern town of Dapaong, in 2000. The village community enthusiastically supports the school, which started with 48 children, and has grown to 365 today.

They are a victim of their own success and need some extra benches/desks to cope with the growth in pupils!

The school needs 20 new benches, which will cost £25 each, so I am seeking your sponsorship for the Scotland circumnavigation.

The Togolese are a lovely people, warm and friendly, enterprising and hard working, but life is extremely hard, and seems like a daily battle to stay afloat - ill health or failure of a harvest spell serious trouble.

Any surplus will be used to buy textbooks, pencils, work books and to help other children in their education in Dapaong. It costs a mere £10 to educate a child for a whole year. Thank you!       Tony